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Playing Basketball for the Army: Q&A With West Point Recruit Tanner Omlid

Playing sports at a U.S. service academy is a completely different ballgame from playing at a traditional school. Curious whether it might be righ...

By: Chris DuBois

Experience Life in the Marine Corps Through New Website

Ever wondered whether a future in the Marine Corps might be right for you? The Marines' new website,, makes finding out easier than ever. ...

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Army Reserve vs. National Guard: Which Suits You Better?

Having a hard time finding a winner between the Army Reserve vs. National Guard? Although members of both services wear the same uniform and train p...

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How to Start Your Career While Serving Your Country

Want to join the military without putting your career on hold after high school? Consider joining the Army National Guard, where you'll train a mi...

By: Dustin Brady

Attention Adrenaline Junkies: The Navy Wants You

One day, they're parachuting from 17,000 feet. The next, they're diving miles away from land. They disarm explosives, clear waterways of mines and...

By: Dustin Brady