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Mechanical Drop Sets: Your Secret to Crushing Heavier Weight and Building More Muscle

Mechanical Drop Sets are one of the most efficient and effective tools for packing on slabs of muscle. In a typical drop set, you perform a set of ...

By: Kevin Warren

These 3 Tiny Tweaks to Common Exercises Can Give You Big Results

Athletes inside the weight room should ask, "Why?" Why are we doing this lift? Why are we doing this many sets? Why do I do it like this when I saw...

By: Justin Ochoa

Upgrade Your Bicep Curl With This Awesome, Athlete-Focused Variation From Russell Westbrook

Bicep Curls don't have a huge impact on sports performance. This should not come as Earth-shattering news to you. However, they do serve some pu...

By: Brandon Hall

How the Bicep Curl Actually Impacts Sports Performance

"I've never seen a biceps score a touchdown". It's a common sentiment in the world of athlete training meant to convey the idea that the biceps sim...

By: Rich Molin

High-Intensity Training: Your Key to Quicker Strength Gains

Whether it's the offseason or the middle of your season, training is a must if you want to improve. Although you might think it's difficult to get in ...

By: Roger Lockridge

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10 Bicep Exercises Better Than Traditional Curls

If you’re going to do bicep exercises, choose moves that will crush your arms and maybe provide some performance benefits.

Da'Quan Bowers Strength Endurance Superset

Top-rated defensive end prospect Da'Quan Bowers supersets Tricep Pulldowns and Lying Cable Curls to build strength endurance for the 225-Bench Test.

Ronald Forbes Arm Pump

Cayman Olympian 110m hurdler Ronald Forbes performs arm pumps with Olympic strength coach Randy Hadley.