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The Squat Exercise Tall Athletes Should be Doing

I believe this topic must be addressed because most of the information out there is for shorter or average height people. By nature olympic...

By: Beau Bradbury

The Right Way to Gain Weight During the Off-Season

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a football coach tells their player just to gain weight. With football becoming more and more competitive, players...

By: Chris Matsui

Horse Racing Flick '50 to 1' Tells Compelling True Story

In the comedy/drama 50 to 1, based on the true story of racehorse Mine That Bird, a group of misfit cowboys from New Mexico become the ultimate underd...

By: SkywordNews

Coaches: Basic Football Skills for Young Players

                                             Being around football for as long as I can remember, I have been able to see the growth of the sport. From...

By: Chris Tamez

Great Bodyweight Exercises for the Road

You occasionally find yourself wanting to lift or train with little or no exercise equipment available. Learning to leverage your body to increase...

By: Miguel Aragoncillo

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Get Fast With Physics

Learn how to use leverage and force to your advantage so you can start leaving opponents in the dust. Rett Larson of Velocity Sports Performance demonstrates the Step-Over Drill, which will help you do just that.