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Use Velocity-Based Training to Get More Out of Your Athlete Assessments

Assessments are vital to implementing a strength and conditioning program. Without at least some form of baseline data, how can we measure progress, i...

By: Justin Ochoa

Tweak Your Strength Training to Become a More Reactive, Explosive Athlete

Athletes who are interested in becoming more reactive and dynamic in sport need to make sure that their training programs reflect these traits. This m...

By: Adrian Guyer

Fix Nagging Shin Splints With This Rehab Plan

Shin Splints – A Multifaceted Approach Todd Sabol MS, AT Almost 100% of the time, musculoskeletal issues are the result of multiple variables breaking...

By: Todd Sabol

Why Athletes Shouldn't Always be Concerned With Lifting Heavy Weights

Why Weight Lifting Matters the Least for an Athlete Lee Boyce Call it clickbait. Say what you will. We all know that hitting the weight room is a smart...

By: Lee Boyce

How to Build Strength Without Lifting Heavier Weights

"Put some weight on the bar!" The common thing you'll hear shouted across weight rooms around the country. Usually it signifies that whatever someone...

By: Chris Cooper

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Developing Range and Instinct on the Field With Ken Hamlin

In this video, Ken Hamlin, Dallas Cowboys free safety, talks about the importance of developing range and instinct on the football field for safeties in the NFL.