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Combat Shoulder Pain With This One Simple Exercise

Whoever developed the blueprint for the human shoulder joint didn't really have stability in mind. Take a look at an anatomical view of the shoulder j...

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Mastering the Art of the Overhead Press

The overhead press has been given the short end of the stick far too often when it comes to exercises that are worth your while. Granted, there are a...

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Try This Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Challenge for Increased Strength

Kettlebell's are used tremendously in this field, along with Dumbbell's and Medicine Balls to progress athlete's from a half-kneeling variation to...

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9 Essential Exercises to Prevent Rotator Cuff Injuries

In 2008, nearly 2 million people in the US reported a rotator cuff problem to their doctor. These complaints are common among overhead athletes, such as...

By: G. John Mullen

Keep Your Rotator Cuff Muscles Strong With This Stabilization Circuit

ROTATOR CUFF MUSCLES Whether you're goal is to bench three plates per side or flirt with a 90 mile per hour fastball, you need strong and healthy...

By: Joe Giandonato