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The 3 Best Lower-Body Exercises for Female Athletes

Learn how to perform the Dumbbell Goblet Squat, Physioball Leg-Curl and Single-Leg RDL for lower-body strength.

Build Power in your Glutes and Thighs with the Bulgarian Split-Squat

Build Power in your glutes and thighs with the Bulgarian Split-Squat.

How to Build Muscle With Partner Manual Resistance

Partner manual resistance is just what it sounds like—you work against a counterforce provided by a partner. Because of the limitations of working with a partner, you can’t do this on every exercise. However, here are 8 of our favorites.

How to Perform 8 Effective Deadlift Variations

if you’re going to do bicep exercises, choose moves that will crush your arms and maybe provide some performance benefits.

How to Perform the T-Drill

The T-Drill is a simple cone drill that hones your ability to generate speed over a short distance and change directions effectively.

How to Perform Single-Leg Mini Hurdle Jumps

Single-Leg Mini Hurdle Jumps are a great drill to work on single-leg strength, power and stability.

How to Perform Broad Jumps

The ability to perform a movement quickly and explosively is a key to success during those split-second moments that separate winning from losing. The Broad Jump is an excellent drill to improve your explosive strength.

How to Perform Scramble Ups

The effectiveness of your initial burst depends largely on your body angle. Scramble Ups teach the correct posture by forcing you to begin on the ground rather than on your feet.

How to Perform the Box Drill

The Box Drill is simple. It requires you to move forward, backward and side-to-side as fast as possible. The drill improves your ability to change direction and targets a wider variety of lower-body muscles than a simple straight-line sprint.

How to Perform Med Ball Push to Sprints

One great drill to work on your first-step quickness and acceleration is the Med Ball Push to Sprint. It forces you to get into an athletic stance and use your body to explosively throw a med ball before transitioning into a short sprint.